Letter: Keep in mind — some unions are good, some not so good

The letter “Mayor has courage vs unions” (March 20) brought a more reasonable justification for the proposed regulation changes to “the sacred cow.”

 I’m not against unions but all unions are not created equal. Some provide a strong, fair voice. Some are weak. Some operate under the umbrella of a larger union, yet do not enjoy full benefits of the bigger union, creating a feeling of being treated like a bastard child. Some have too much power to the detriment of the taxpayers. They protect under-performing employees, promote mediocrity through seniority, defend union members who make frivolous claims, support overly generous pay, benefits, sick leave, vacation after one year on the job.

 I am for decent pay, medical and retirement benefits to all but would like to see some serious reforms being put into effect to our city labor contracts. It is time to bring a balance to excess. Considering the hardships that much of the workforce are going through, that’s not too much to ask. For the record, I did not vote for Mayor Sullivan.

— Michel Villon