Letter: Allowing cruise ships to foul water is bad news for Alaska

As a seventh-grader growing up in Alaska, I think it is outrageous that House Bill 80 passed. I’ve grown up fishing and exploring, not having to worry about polluted waterways. If we start relaxing guidelines, this will have long-term effects for the wild water life. Who wants to eat wild Alaska salmon after it’s been marinated in human waste? Not me!

I found the below information in the Anchorage Daily News article. This bill would have a large impact on the fishing industry. Salmon numbers would go down drastically, because we would be releasing copper into the waterways. Copper blocks salmon’s ability to smell, so they can’t return upstream and spawn. Ammonia will harm shellfish and will trigger algae growth. 

If we put this bill in action, we will be harming one of our state’s most valued resources. I wish our elected state representatives would make decisions that protect us now, and in the future. 

— Chloe Wirum 

Polaris K-12 student