Letter: Senate made right decision in reducing taxes on oil and gas

Our state Senate gets kudos, and shout-outs from all over Alaska for finally passing SB 21 and setting us on a historical course that will halt the decline in oil volume through TAPS, lead to volume increases and more money for our state treasury over the long run. The increased oil volume will negate the so called tax giveaway and result in more cash flow, more money for education, capital projects and more.

The naysayers who voted against SB 21 were willing to sink with the ship at the sinking rate of six percent annually until there was no oil flowing through TAPS. Elections have consequences, and last November, Alaska voters got what they wanted by electing a legislature willing to take risks with a vision for the future instead of the old status quo.

Our Legislature should stand tall and feel good about passing this oil and gas tax reform bill. That’s leadership. Great job! Thank you, thank you, thank you !

— Bob Lewis