Letter: Hall, Sullivan didn’t play fair in altering Anchorage’s labor code

I am writing this letter in support of Nick Moe in his write-in campaign against Ernie Hall. I very much appreciate this gentleman’s willingness to step up to this challenge on such short notice.

I am appalled by the tactics employed by Hall and the mayor in their efforts to rewrite the city labor codes. If they are so sure about the righteousness of what they propose, then they should be willing to conduct business in the light of day. Instead, they have developed this plan in secret, without the knowledge of the majority of the Assembly or even the majority of city department heads. They then introduce the plan on a Friday afternoon just as the deadline for filing to run against Hall is expiring and less than a week before they formally introduce it to the full Assembly for action. When serious concerns are expressed, they cut off public debate.

These power tactics are really not representative of the Anchorage that I love and grew up in. I hope you agree.

 — Dennis Gall



An earlier version of this letter mistakenly referred to Gov. Parnell rather than Mayor Sullivan in the headline.