Oops -- Army PX sells banned Alaska hemp vodka

Drinking Alaska Distillery's Purgatory hemp-flavored vodka could make life hellish for service members. The Army's longstanding ban on use of hemp products has been extended to consumption of the Wasilla distillery's hemp seed vodka, even though it "goes through a highly scrutinized (and regulated) process to ensure that no tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is contained in the product," according to the company. 

From Alaska Dispatch:


Fort Bliss, a military post located in Texas and New Mexico, recently shared a photo of Alaska Distillery’s Purgatory vodka, noting that it had recently been sold at a post exchange in Texas, and noting its prohibition for soldiers. The photo was met with varying degrees of confusion over how the bottle came to be stocked at a military store and indignation at the regulation.

“This is ridiculous,” one commenter said. “This drink might get you drunk, but the Army needs to reevaluate their policy on hemp seeds and hemp oil. Consuming hemp seeds/oil is much different than using marijuana. Ugh. But regardless, this NEVER should have been sold in the PX if it were illegal.”

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