Letters: Base student allocation boost should be backed by Legislature

I am a kindergarten teacher and a fundamental Christian. I urge you to support increased funding to the base student allocation as part of HB 65 and HB 66 (State Operating Budget). 

Over the last three years the Legislature has not increased funding to the BSA, which remains at $5,680. Investing in education has provided demonstrated results. In 10 years, Alaska’s graduation rate has increased by 10 percent, three times more than the national rate, while public education critics fail to share the growth our students demonstrate between fourth and eighth grade. By eighth grade, Alaska’s NAEP scores are at the national average. Investment in early childhood education would make a significant difference, giving our students a better start.

Our public schools are making good progress. However, the cuts that school districts are making will erode that progress by cutting programs that have made a difference. Let’s build on our success. We need to call on the Republican House and Senate leadership and the governor to increase the BSA to increase the base student allocation.

— Wendy Parker