Lord of the Wings: March Madness, Round 2

Matt Sullivan
Bill Roth

While the battle for wings supremacy has been waged at the ADN office this week, we noticed a pretty major error in the March Madness bracket we made for readers. While one might take issue with the selection committee snubbing Moose's Tooth or Humpy's, a strong argument could be made for not including Big Al's Wings and Wings, mostly because Big Al's doesn't exist anymore.

And while that was a huge mistake on our part, a curious thing happened in the first round of voting: A hot wings place that has been closed for three years or more beat Buffalo Wild Wings. 

The rules committee struggled with how to handle the oversight. Should Big Al's be ruled ineligible? Should we start the whole thing over and replace Big Al's with something else? How unfair would it be to give Buffalo Wild Wings a first round bye because of our screw-up? Some of the votes probably came from people who remember the wings from Big Al's fondly, but we have a hunch that a lot of those were protest votes against a chain restaurant. 

So after some hemming and hawing, the ghost of Big Al's Wings and Wings remains and is up against Hood Wings in round two of the Lord of the Wings tournament. The other matchup pits Winky's Wings against the defending champ, Peanut Farm, who scraped past Straight Out of Philly in the first round by a single vote.

We'll have a story with the results of our own votes in next week's issue of Play. In the meantime, voting in round 2 is open until Thursday.

Lord of the Wings bracket
Matt Sullivan