Point-Counterpoint: Write-in challenger Nick Moe makes his pitch for Assembly

I am running a write-in campaign because AO 37, the labor ordinance that was rushed through the Assembly by Ernie Hall, was bad public policy and a lousy public process. For the first time in our city's history, Ernie refused to allow our neighbors to be heard on an issue in front of the Assembly. I think that is just wrong.

Everyone in our city has a right to be heard. And that's why I'm running for Assembly. I will listen. I will cover my position on several topics below and hope to earn your write-in vote for Nick Moe on April 2. Thank you for reading.

AO 37

My largest concern with AO 37, the labor ordinance, is the attitude its sponsors seem to convey about city workers. It treats the workers like they are the enemy. I strongly disagree.

Everything that is right about the city is because of its workers. AO 37 turns an independent labor force into the dependent creature of political management; that is a terrible idea fraught with potential for abuse.


I have had the opportunity to work with many of the men and woman who have put countless hours into Title 21 during the long 10-year public process.

I was disappointed that the Assembly passed a version of Title 21 that is much different than the Comprehensive Plan that is supposed to be implemented. It could have been strengthened to include adequate stream buffers, commercial design standards and safe sidewalks.


I appreciate the leadership of the Sullivan Administration on glass recycling and parks and recreation. I enjoyed working with the Mayor to help bring back glass recycling services to Anchorage to create local jobs out of a resource that would be otherwise thrown away.

I have been disappointed with this administration because of the mismanagement of the Anchorage Port project and the labor ordinance that has divided our community. The Assembly should call for a full audit of the Port to see exactly where the money has gone before we ask for millions more from the state.


I am a third generation Alaskan with deep roots in West Anchorage. My grandparents came to Alaska in 1946 and have lived in the district for over 60 years. It is from them I have learned my values of hard work and honesty. I have worked very hard on this campaign reaching out to thousands of our neighbors on the phone, at the door and at community events to hear what is important to you.

I pledge to work just as hard while I'm on the Assembly. I will show up to every community council meeting in West Anchorage. I want my neighbors to feel like they can reach me on my cell phone (947-8777) any time they want to discuss the issues. Seat D will represent the best constituent services in Anchorage. If you have an issue or problem you can count on me to work with you and figure it out.

You may not agree with me on every issue, but you can count on me to be honest and you will always know where I stand on the issues. I will not use my power to score political points; I will give you honest representation. I have a wealth of experience working in and navigating city and state government and I will use my skills and energy to work for you.

Find me on Facebook at 'Nick Moe for Assembly.' The election is Tuesday and I want everyone in West Anchorage to know that there is now choice for Assembly Seat D. I would appreciate if you can help spread the word.

I am your alternative to Ernie Hall. When you get your ballot for Seat D remember to fill in the oval write in Nick Moe in Assembly Seat D. I would be honored to serve you on the Anchorage Assembly.

Nick Moe is a write-in candidate for Assembly Seat x-x in West Anchorage.