Assembly candidate Q&A: In one sentence, why are you running?

In the days leading to the April 2 municipal election, we'll be publishing responses from Assembly and School Board candidates to a range of questions. Read other questions at


Q: In one sentence, why are you running?

District 2: Seat A

Chugiak/Eagle River

Amy Demboski: As chair of the Budget Advisory Commission for the municipality, I recognize that we need someone who knows the issues, knows Chugiak-Eagle River, knows the fiscal reality of the city as a whole, and is a strong advocate for fiscal restraint and accountability; I love our community, I was raised here, and I have the local knowledge that will help advocate for the residents of Chugiak, Eagle River, and JBER.

Peter Mulcahy: Our community's future is uncertain; now is not the time for bumper sticker slogans or dogmatic, uncompromising stances - we need proven, disciplined, conservative leaders who understand the issues, are creative problem solvers, will look outside government for answers, and will conduct civil discussions with all interests involved: I am that kind of leader.

Bob Lupo: I believe I have meaningful things to say, and do.

District 3: Seat D

West Anchorage

Ernie Hall: Commitment to the community.

Nick Moe: West Anchorage deserves a representative on the assembly who respects the public process and I believe every person in West Anchorage has the right to be heard.

District 3: Seat E

West Anchorage

Cheryl Frasca: To apply my years of experience working with citizens, elected officials, and municipal government to develop and implement effective solutions on behalf of taxpayers.

Phil Isley: To provide voters with a nonaffiliated choice for the West Anchorage Assembly seat.

Tim Steele: I'm running to restore an independent Assembly in Anchorage.

District 4: Seat F

Midtown Anchorage

Andy Clary: I love Anchorage, it is home, and I care about my neighbors; I want to see our community continue to provide the opportunities and services we all love for many generations to come.

Dick Traini: I care about the future of Anchorage and I want to be involved in the type of town we have.

District 5: Seat H

East Anchorage

Paul Honeman: To help deliver good government in a non-partisan manner.

District 6: Seat J

South Anchorage

Jennifer Johnston: To provide my institutional knowledge for the implementation of Title 21 and to continue building a sustainable municipal budget.