Letter: Awards testify to high quality of many Alaska public schools

After reading “Education Funding Unlikely,” my reaction was sadness that legislators seem to be unaware that we have national and state award-winning schools here in Alaska. Instead of honoring them and their districts for the job they are doing, and the challenges they are overcoming, they only quote what they see as “Failed schools.” Kenai, Kodiak, Unalaska, Chugach, Copper River and more, can serve as examples of what Alaskan school districts are doing right.

 Schools are struggling nationwide with the many challenges involved in providing a quality education for students in our changing society. Providing a quality education benefits the entire state, and that responsibility should fall upon us all, not just schools.

 It’s a fact that the cost of doing business has increased for all school districts. Not all districts benefit from funding outside the Base Student Allocation. If flat funding and budget cuts are necessary, our legislature should work to identify ways that this can be done without a detriment to our children and the future of our state.

— Charlene Arneson,

 board member and president, Chugach School District