Letter: Columnist gets ‘F’ for fairness on Israeli-Palestinian question

It would be a benefit to your readers for ADN to provide some balance to the endless pro-Israel propaganda of Charles Krauthammer. Are there really people still willing to accept the tired, old “evil Palestinians, innocent Israelis” narrative? Millions of Palestinians have endured a 45-year-old military occupation. The Jewish-only settlements are simply one facet of that occupation. If the purpose of the occupation is to ensure the security of Israel, than it must be viewed as a miserable failure. If it is designed, rather, to illegally acquire more Palestinian land and further disenfranchise the Palestinian people, it has been a qualified success. A viable Palestinian State is no longer possible, thanks, in part, to the Jewish settlements. 

With the complicity of the Obama administration, the Israelis can continue to incrementally appropriate Palestinian land. With the aid of commentators such as Charles Krauthammer, they can continue to distort history and deny reality. By depriving millions of people of their basic human rights under occupation, they can never achieve peace.

— Kenneth Baitsholts