Letter: Young oblivious to the real world

Congressman Don Young’s radio interview with a Ketchikan radio station 3/28/13 should have raised some ears if not eyes when he made a remark about growing up on a farm and referring to farm helpers as “wetbacks.” I am surprised that Young would make such a pejorative statement about a particular minority, especially when he was married to an Alaskan Native whose people have been subjected to prejudice, racial profiling, and coercion to convert to Western customs.

 Shame on you, Don Young. How can you call yourself a congressman and represent the people of Alaska with its diverse population with such remarks? The next time you dip your “freedom fries” in ketchup, remember the tax-paying Latino living in poverty picked those tomatoes just for you so he could ensure you enjoyed all of the “perks” you feel you’re entitled to as an elected government official.

— Kari Singsaas