Point-Counterpoint: Amy Demboski makes her pitch for Assembly


AO-37 gives the city the opportunity to make common sense changes, which will ensure the taxpayers are receiving the best return on their investment. This ordinance has given the opportunity to make changes such as consolidating healthcare plans, standardizing holidays, and allowing for real managed competition opportunities.

Title 21

I believe that Title 21 is an intrusion on public property rights. These regulations will add another layer of government mandates on how citizens are allowed to use their own property. I believe it will add to the cost of construction, and in turn it will cause the cost of housing to go up.

For Eagle River/Chugiak residents we do have a separate chapter (Chapter 10) that will give us separate guidelines from Anchorage; however, Chapter 10 is incomplete and where it is silent Anchorage standards will be forced upon our residents. Therefore, I think it is crucial that we are diligent to get issues, such as road standards, clearly defined in our chapter. Many of our residents do not want to see roads in our area with a potential of 60 to 80-foot easements, sidewalks on both sides of the road, and street lighting to make our neighborhoods look like runways. We value our rural characteristics and I will work tirelessly to ensure Anchorage doesn't force its will upon our residents.

AGREE/disagree with the mayor

In general I agree with many of the ideas and philosophies the mayor has proposed.

However, in the last year I have had two fundamental disagreements with the mayor. The first is when he recommended shutting down a fire truck in Eagle River (Truck 11). The fact is, unlike the fire stations in Anchorage, Eagle River's fire station has back up 15 minutes away. So eliminating Truck 11, meant taking 4 firemen out of Eagle River. That would leave a potential of 5 responders to emergencies (if they didn't have another call); if your house caught on fire, that is not a sufficient crew to respond. Our residents shouldn't have to wait 15-30 minutes for a sufficient crew to arrive to help, when the rest of Anchorage has adequate responders within 4 minutes.

The second disagreement I had was with the Mayor's decision to not return money to the taxpayers when the city received a reimbursement from the state based on a new student funding formula. Residents were taxed about $9.6 million that was specifically allocated for the ASD and we were told at the time that if the state reimbursed the city for that money, the money would go back to the taxpayers. The state did reimburse that money, and thanks to Bill Starr, taxpayers did receive $6 million of the $9.6 million back as tax relief.

Why vote for Amy

I am a fiscal conservative that understands the fundamental role of government is public safety, infrastructure, and education; but the government cannot do those basic things if our fiscal house isn't in order. It is crucial that we have elected officials that ask three questions when they spend taxpayer's money: 1) Is this the role of government? 2) Can we afford it? 3) Am I willing to take the money out of my neighbors' pockets to pay for it?

I was raised in Chugiak-Eagle River. I have been actively volunteering in this community for over 20 years. I have served as the president of the Chugiak Community Council, on the Parks & Rec Board of Supervisors, as a member of the Sleeping Lady Lion's Club, and I currently serve as the chair of the Budget Advisory Commission for the city. I have a background in building and managing businesses, and I have an MBA in finance. I understand our community finance, and the way the city government operates. I feel it is time we have a real common sense voice that can take on the issues and advocate for our residents and our community with passion and deliver the message in a clear and effective manner.


1) Tax reduction 2) Transportation & Taxi Service in Eagle River.

Amy Demboski is a candidate for Assembly Seat 2-A, representing Chugiak-Eagle River.