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Point-Counterpoint: Pete Mulcahy states his case for Assembly

Labor law

The new law brings some balance back to the negotiation process and establishes rules that will curb future excesses. There is a still work to be done, including revisions to the Personnel Rules and defining managed competition. I have experience with successful implementation of managed competition resulting in real cost savings. I am ready to help the Assembly define this process and help our community save money.

Title 21 and land use issues

The version of Title 21 heading for approval when I joined the Planning & Zoning Commission was too restrictive and I believe would have been extremely expensive and a deterrent to development.

Once in receipt of both the draft Title 21 and the Mayor's amendments, the Commission did a thorough review in an effort to create a workable ordinance. We then forwarded to the Assembly recommendations for major changes. Most of our recommendations were incorporated in the final version.

Of specific note is Chapter 10, the portion of the ordinance that covers land use in Chugiak-Eagle River. This chapter will allow our community to retain its unique character as we grow.

The rewrite is so extensive that there will inevitably be unintended consequences. My familiarity with this complex ordinance will enable me to address those collateral issues head on.

Where I agree and disagree with Mayor Sullivan

The mayor has done an excellent job of getting the city's budget under control. Overall, he has the municipality heading in the right direction. I often disagree with the tactics and procedures the administration chooses in achieving its goals. I think, for example, we could have handled the approval process for the new labor law better. We could have allowed for more public input and provided more clarity in the final document.

Why voters should choose me

Now is not the time for bumper sticker slogans or dogmatic, uncompromising stances. We need proven, disciplined, conservative leaders who understand the issues, are creative problem solvers and will look outside government for answers. Leaders need to conduct civil discussions with all interests involved. I am that kind of leader.

I urge people to look at my resume and record. I have already saved local taxpayers into the millions of dollars over the years by being creative and looking for non-government solutions.

Topic of choice

Grow our economy and protect individual freedoms by getting government out of the way. We need a city that is a desirable place for investment. Too often onerous government regulations prevent business from growing. Smart cities across the country recognize this ... a vibrant economy helps fund essential public services.

Some great examples of efficient government are our local service areas in Chugiak-Eagle River, that I will work feverishly to support and protect. The Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department provides efficient low-cost fire service. As a CVFD board member, I was part of the choice to refurbish two fire engines to "like new" condition, rather than buy new engines. The result is two engines for less than the cost of one without bonding.

I believe in the effective use of volunteer organizations partnering with the city. Our Eagle River Rotary built the first fully accessible playground in Alaska at a fraction of the cost of a municipally built one. I served on the steering committee; we worked for an entire year pulling together the resources and volunteer support to make this a reality. Officials from the Parks Department noted that this process was doable under the service area concept in Chugiak-Eagle River but would be much more challenging in Anchorage. I will bring this type of strategy and problem-solving approach to the Assembly.

Pete Mulcahy is a candidate for Assembly Seat 2-A, representing Chugiak-Eagle River.