Dishcrawl's debut highlights Anchorage eateries

Matt Sullivan

In late February, Anchorage made its first foray into the world of Dishcrawl, a nationwide network of food-finding missions based in cities across the country. The idea is similar to a pub crawl, where participants sample the goods at a number of participating establishments.

The first Anchorage Dishcrawl was centered on Spenard. All 30 of the available tickets sold out, with attendees purchasing a $45 ticket and given only a meeting location and the promise of three more stops that would remain a secret. The inaugural Spenard Dishcrawl began at Tap Root, ventured to Yak and Yeti, enjoyed another course at Ray's Place and finished with dessert at Sugarspoon.

Angel Howard, the Anchorage Dishcrawl "ambassador," said that tickets for each event are usually limited to 25, but the 40 tickets that were initially offered for the upcoming April 10 crawl scheduled for downtown sold out in eight days. But as I write this, the website says there's one more $45 ticket for the April 10 remaining.

The swift sales prompted Howard to add a second downtown crawl that will visit the same places on April 9. As of now, 14 tickets for that day are still available. 

Meantime, Howard said plans are in the works for a couple more standard Dishcrawls (four restaurants in one night), plus a bigger event further in the future called Neighborfood, which will feature eight restaurants in a neighborhood for a full afternoon. A "brunchcrawl" is also planned for a Sunday morning, possibly in May.

To hear about future Dishcrawls, sign up for the mailing list on the website and follow @dishcrawlanc on Twitter.


Dishcawl Anchorage
Matt Sullivan