Letter: Republicans already had their minds made up on oil giveaway

After reading Republican Sen. Bert Stedman’s informative Compass piece of  March 27 and listening to the 40-minute fact-filled testimony of Sen. Wielechowski before the vote on SB 21, it is becoming more apparent that the Republican majority was not interested in the facts but had in fact come into the debate with their minds made up in favor of the massive giveaway to the Big Three oil producers.

Yesterday I received a newsletter from my senator describing ACES, in true Karl Rovian fashion, as the real “giveaway” because of the tax credits given as rewards for development on the Slope. So rather than compromise, as Elise Patkotak laments the dearth of, the Republicans threw the tax credits out and installed a new tax incentive that gives away far more of the needed revenue. Tens of billions given away because Republicans followed the corporate agenda.

— Robert Atkinson