Letter: Young’s remark provides food for thought — and teaching

I could rant that Mr. Young’s derogatory comment “wetback” was dehumanizing, offensive, humiliating and insulting. Instead, I chose to use this as a teaching opportunity for my two children, ages 5 and 10.  My oldest daughter, who attends Government Hill Elementary, had never heard the insulting term before and asked me about it. I told her that it was an offensive word used to describe a Mexican who entered the United States without documentation. She then asked me how people can tell an illegal person from Mexico from a U.S. citizen of Mexican descent. I told her that they cannot and the whole ideal of using this word is to make someone feel less than equal while making the offender feel superior.

In short, after a great discussion, I told my daughter that is why it is important to have a solid education and if someone is not representing you as she or he should, it is imperative that you stand up and be counted.

Congressman Young, thank you for this teachable moment.

— Arturo Sosa