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Letter: Ernie Hall grows out of touch

Saturdays fawning Compass piece regarding Ernie Hall’s accomplishments was correctly a laundry list of a person in office who has done much for this city. 

Mr. Hall however is growing increasingly out of touch with the majority of Anchorage. His ‘time in the spotlight” has not been handled very well. Brusqueness and lack of courtesy seem his demeanor as he kowtows to the mayor’s devious agenda.

The authors of the Compass article were mucky mucks from Big Oil, Big Money, and Big Business. 

Directly adjacent to the Compass piece was “Our View” admonishing Don Young’s behavior — Big Oil, Money and Business have also kept Rep. Young in office longer than his political value. 

The corollary between the two commendable carriers is evident. 

— Mike Gogolowski