Letter: Contractors will cost city more

In response to the Alaska Policy Forum publishing the list of “MOA employees who make more than the mayor” (March 29):

It seems the mayor, some of the Assembly and the Alaska Policy Forum would like the city population to think that city employees are way overpaid. I happen to be on that list and the dollar figure on that list does not reflect a 40 hour work week. In 2012 I worked 2,834.25 hours for the city. That equals 7.77 hours per day 365 days a year or 54.5 hours per week every week of the year. It also reflects my pension and medical contributions all wrapped up into one sum, it’s not just compensation for working a normal 40 hour work week. In the future, employees on this list will be replaced by contractors and the dollar amount will be much higher.

— George Hobson

Eagle River