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Letter: Lining the pockets of the GOP is not in Alaska’s best interests

Currently Kevin Meyer is taking comments on House Bill 77. If enacted, the public and organizations will virtually lose the ability to participate in management decisions relating to our fishing and hunting resources. The bill would eliminate an individual’s or organization’s request that water remain in a stream, river or lake for the benefit of fish, wildlife, recreation, transportation and other economic and cultural uses. HB 77 removes mandatory public notice and public comment periods for preliminary best interest findings and limits who can participate when challenging flawed decisions undermining Alaska’s fishing and hunting.

Your corrupt GOP legislative and executive branches are handing over the natural resources of Alaska to oil and mining interests. This in effect rewrites our constitution regarding the wise stewardship of lands for the benefit of all Alaskans. This is the first step in our government handing over Bristol Bay to the Pebble Mine. Does anyone care?

— Jerry Pattison