2013 Youth Art & Writing Contest winners to attend Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Anchorage, Alaska - This year, out of hundreds of submissions in both art and writing, two Alaska youth have been awarded the Sitka Scholarship - one in writing and one in art. This scholarship includes airfare and two weeks this summer at Sitka Fine Arts Camp.

The winners are Hannah Brown, an 8th grade student at Goldenview Middle School(writing), and Madison Chan, a 12th grade student at Dimond High (art). 

Editor's Choice Awards went to Madison Chan, and Ivy Turinsky, an 8th grade student at Anchorage Waldorf School (writing).

This is the third consecutive year F Magazine has hosted the Statewide Youth Art &Writing Awards celebration.  All finalists' art work and quotes from each writing entry (graffittied onto the wall) are currently on display in the gallery at Out North Contemporary Art House in Anchorage. The first place writing winners and a number of the art winners will be published in the forthcoming June issue of F Magazine.

The competition is entirely run by passionate volunteers, and relies wholly on grants and donations. This year's writing competition judges were organized by 49 Writers (Anchorage); writing judges were organized by artist and teacher, Jimmy Riordan (Homer).  

In the past, the annual competition was co-run by F Magazine and MTS Gallery under the national organization, Scholastic Youth Art & Writing Awards. This is the first year the competition has been run without the umbrella of Scholastic, the goal being to put the fee money paid to Scholastic instead toward students attending the award winning Sitka Fine Arts Camp in Sitka, AK - a two-week multidisciplinary arts camp. 

The other art and writing winners include:




Honorable Mention


Makayla Clark, 10th grade, Dimond High - "What Does Dimond Think..."


Honorable Mention  

Alex Campbell,  8th grade, Stikine Middle School "New Day"; Chase Henderson, 12th grade, Houston High "The Complete Works"; Emily Inama,  7th grade, Homer Middle School "Attitude"; Lauren Livers, 8th grade, Goldview Middle School "Silent Songs"; Molly Mitchell, 9thgrade, Homer High "No One"

Arianna Rohde, 10th grade, Dimond High "Silently Courageous"; Joshua Smith, 10th grade, Colony High  "Let Shadow Fall";   Sawyer SmithVail, 7th grade, Steller Secondary School"Unmended"; Krista Stapleford, 

Goldenview Middle School  "The Sky"

Third Place (tied)

Alex Campbell,  8th grade, Stikine Middle School "Aiti - Mother" ; Sydney Guthrie, 8th grade, Mitkof Middle School "That Which Is"

Second Place 

 Jaliyn Gilbertson-Wyatt, 12th grade, Lathrop High "Ugly Eyes" 

First Place 

Sawyer SmithVail, 7th grade, Steller Secondary  School - "Doing"



Third Place 

Jarrett Oney, 11th grade, Eagle River High - "The Day I Lost My Patience"

Second Place 

Audrey Russell, 8th grade, Homer Middle School "The Flour Baby Project" 

First Place 

Sean Braendel, 12th grade, Eagle River High - "A Cello"


Flash Fiction 

Second Place

 Hayley Cavitt, 10th grade, Eagle River High "The New World"


Second Place 

Brittany O'Neill, 11th grade, East Anchorage High "Making Impaired Decisions" 

First Place (tied)  

Jacob Fairbanks, 11th grade, Eagle River High "Charity" ; Hayley Cavitt, 10th grade, Eagle River High "Mary"


Novel Excerpt

Third Place  

Sawyer SmithVail, 7th grade, Steller Secondary  School  "The Weapon Called Fear"

 Second Place 

 Ivy Turinsky, 8th grade, Anchorage Waldorf  School "Rumplestiltskin - the Play"

 First Place 

 Hannah Brown, 8th grade, Goldenview Middle School  "Dreams & Stones"


Short Fiction

Honorable Mention  

Sydney Guthrie, 8th grade, Mitkof Middle School "The Devil You Know" ; Sydney Guthrie, 8thgrade, Mitkof Middle School "Faith in Goodbye" ; Emma Morgan, 8th grade, Goldenview Middle School "The Perfect Moment" ; Austyn Pedebone - "And It All Disappears" ; Sara Stuart, 7thgrade, Connections Home School  - Homer "Birthday Surprises"

Third Place (tie) 

 Sara Stuart, 7th grade, Connections Home School  - Homer "The Force" ; Molly Mitchell, 9thgrade, Homer High  "The Nurse"

Second Place  

Josh Nanton, 12th grade, East High - "Live" 

First Place   

Sydney Guthrie, 8th grade, Mitkof Middle School "Weeping Willow"


Honorable Mention

Madelyne Bee,  12th grade, Dimond High -"Escape" work in porcelain and metal ;Brittany Bennett, 12th grade, Lathrop High - "Flowing Jellyfish" work in acrylic paint ;Briana Berner, 12th grade, Lathrop High - "Winter Walk" work in watercolor and colored pencil ;Ginger Cordero, 12 th grade, Service High -  "Charming Summer" felt tip pen, colored pencils ;Haley Edmondson, 8th grade, Goldenview  
Middle School -  "Untitled" photograph of flower pistils;  Haley Edmondson, 8th grade, Goldenview  Middle School - "Untitled" photograph of walkway ; Jaden Frazier, 8th grade, Goldenview Middle  School - "Untitled" photograph of piano in snow ; Anderson Gajonera, 12thgrade, Dimond High - "Starburst" work in clay, acrylic paint ; Maya Heubner, 12th grade, Steller Secondary  School -  "Wood Frog" Cottonwood Bark Carving ; Devon Williams Huff, 9thgrade, Lathrop High - "Untitled" pencil drawing ; Patricia Jackson, 12th grade, Petersburg High -"Reflection" work in pastels ; Whitney Jackson, 11th grade, Dimond High -  "Union" work in brass, copper, and nickel ; Whitney Jackson, 11th grade, Dimond High - "Instrumental Solo"work in Gesso and charcoal; Sara

 Karl, 11th grade, Lathrop High - "Instrumental Solo" work in gesso, charcoal;Molly Mitchell, 8th grade Homer High -  "Nail" traditional photography; Diane Murph, 11thgrade, Petersburg High - "Epiphany" work in ink and pencil; Makayla Skille, 12th grade, Lathrop High -  "Bridge to the Interior" - traditional photography; Thu Tran, 12th grade - Lathrop High - "Lotus Flower Bomb" - work in acrylics; Ivy Turinsky, 8th grade, Anchorage Waldorf  School -"Landscape" work in chalk, pastel on paper;Allison Welsh, 8th grade - Goldenview Middle  School -  "Untitled" work in watercolors;Devon Williams Huff, 9th grade, Lathrop High School, "Untitled" pencil drawing;Sarah Zimmerman, 11th grade, North Pole High - "What is Real" mixed media collage  

Third Place 

Maya Heubner, 12th grade, Steller Secondary  School - "Boulevard of Broken Shoes"  

Second Place 

Jaden Frazier, 8th grade, Goldenview Middle School, untitled photograph of piano on wood floor

First Place 

Madison Chan, 12th grade, Dimond High - "Self Portrait" work in graphite

This year's competition has been made possible in part by Alaska State Council on the Arts, Alaska Humanities Forum, Sitka Fine Arts Camp, and Out North Contemporary ArtHouse.  Funds are still needed to cover the impressive costs of running the annual competition; a fundraiser is loosely slated for late April. In the meantime, donations can made to the competition at www.fhideout.org/store .

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