Alaska sports digest for April 5


Opetaia wins title

Anetelea Opetaia knocked out Hampton Miller in the first round to claim the heavyweight boxing title in Thursday Night at the Fights' state championships at Egan Center, the weekly boxing show's final event of the season.

Tim Field claimed the middleweight title and Gabriel Rivera bagged a lightweight crown, both earning third-round decisions in their final bouts.

Thursday Night at the Fights

State Championship results

Lightweight (150 pounds and lighter) -- Mauola Fasio def. Ron Lantano by third-round decision; Gabriel Rivera def. Archie Fultze by first-round KO. Middleweight (150-175 pounds) -- Tim Field def. Jonre Jones by third-round decision; Cody Rice def. Antonio Lechuga by third-round decision. Heavyweight (175 pounds and heavier) -- Anetelea Opetaia def. Vandze Madison II by first-round TKO; Hampton Miller def. Fiso Kilifi by second-round KO. Championship Fights -- Lightweight -- Gabriel Rivera def. Mauola Fasio by third-round decision. Middleweight -- Tim Field def. Cody Rice by third-round decision. Heavyweight -- Anetelea Opetaia def. Hampton Miller by first-round KO.

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