Letter: Mayor Sullivan is bad for city

Mayor Sullivan accuses special interest groups of taking over Tuesday’s election. I would like to know who he thinks benefits from the agenda he is pushing? Sullivan and Coffey’s rewrite of the municipal land-use code will make Anchorage an uglier and less safe place to live, but a cheaper place to build things. Who benefits? The construction industry.  Sullivan’s rewrite of the labor laws will make it cheaper to hire people and easier to treat them poorly. Who benefits? Business.

Construction and business are special interest groups just as unions are.  Special interest groups have the right to advocate for their own best interest, but one would hope the mayor of a city would be more even-handed in his favoritism.

Sullivan’s refusal to have an open discussion about his agenda and his arrogant dismissal of citizens who disagree with him is not helpful in his position as a public servant.

— Lisa Sparrow