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Letter: Will anything good happen if oil companies get big tax break?

While observing the Great One from the cabin rocking chair, I pondered the current oil tax-cut question. I’ve tried to keep an open mind. Somehow it doesn’t seem smart but it is admittedly a complex topic that most of us have little understanding of. Most ADN editorial contributors appear opposed giving big oil companies tax breaks; others believe that lower taxes will eventually cause more oil to find its way into the pipeline, thus more state revenue in the end.

This mountain watcher has two predictions.

The great mountain is not going to move and a big tax break is headed for the oil giants.

Just as I control the action of my rocker, they control the action in the Legislature in a way that Bill Allen could have only dreamed of. Time will tell if the giveaway will be good for Alaska. I, for one, look for a state income tax, less oil in the line, higher prices at the pump, and mammoth profits for the guys in the oil company board rooms.

— Paul Richards