Letter: Dyson, ilk have wrong values

Jerry Pattison’s letter (April 4) regarding the march toward Pebble mine is right on. Yes, Jerry, I care, and so do thousands of other Alaska citizens.

The Republican caucus that voted in support of HB 77 could care less about the people they were elected to represent. In a recent letter to Sen. Fred Dyson, I confronted him on his vote to give billions back to the already profitable oil and gas corporations. His response was typical of someone who doesn’t care about the average citizen. He stated that his so-called “values” are not similar to mine.

Apparently, he values the big money corporate interests over the needs of his constituents. It’s time to vote Fred Dyson and his ilk out of office. Tuesday’s election is proof that citizens can make a difference when we exercise our right to vote.

— Patricia Cue

Eagle River