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Letter: Support sensible gun laws

It appalls me to read about incidents in our state where an angry man kills a village policeman and another shoots a clerk and at the same time in Juneau they propose legislation against sensible gun regulation. They are ramping up the paranoid, macho, gun-slinging mentality infecting our culture when they should be tamping it down.

When I was a child in the wild town of Fairbanks in the late 1940s, there were shootings in bars and occasional cabin-fever incidents, but my parents never considered needing a gun to protect our home, nor did my father carry a gun to his office.

Our society appears to be devolving. More guns means more fatal domestic shootings, more bystanders hit and more children killed in gun accidents while playing. Many gun rights advocates claim to be Christians, but Jesus said whoever slaps you, turn your other cheek, not shoot him in the cheek. So, legislators, grow up and support sensible gun regulations.

— Mary Edmunds