Letter: Air is unhealthy; sweep now

Decades ago I worked weighing gravel trucks in a gravel crushing pit. The air quality was bad. The other morning’s Anchorage air quality was as bad if not worse than my previous job.

My drive through Midtown between 36th Avenue and New Seward Highway down to 15th Avenue and New Seward Highway was like driving through a sandstorm. Sitting in my office building looking out east, you can see the clouds of dust in the Muldoon area all the way to South Anchorage.

The mayor should  order the street sweepers into action, now. Back in November and December no money was spent on snow removal because there was little if any snow in those months. Money should not be a problem to pay for the street sweepers now.

The current air quality is affecting the elderly, the young and those with asthma and other lung problems. Please, it’s time to get the street sweepers out in force now. It would be a great and just act for the health of the community.

Thank you.

— Dan Boland