Letter: Fair to charge for 'showrooming’

People complain about retailers wanting to charge prospective customers to enter their stores to battle “showrooming.” Showrooming is the practice of looking at items in a store before purchasing them potentially cheaper online. 

I believe retailers are justified in this because someone has to sweep and mop the floors of these showrooms. Consumers say price matching is the answer. It costs more to have a store with floors that need sweeping than a garage with boxes piled high in narrow aisles where aesthetics are not a consideration. They cannot charge the same.

If you want to buy online, you don’t get to feel the product. If you want to feel the product it is going to cost you. 

Pay to go to the store. If you buy in the store the fee should be deducted. If you still want buy online, factor in this fee and then decide which is cheaper.

— Robert Miller