Letter: Lawmakers rule to suit themselves

So there was the House Resources Committee meeting at 2 a.m. on April 4 to finish discussion on multiple amendments to SB21 with only a few days remaining in the session. Is this any way to deliberate legislation dealing with oil taxes? I say no.

Oil tax legislation passed the House three years ago. Then that bill was held to a de facto veto, without explanation, by an individual committee chair in the Senate.

Legislators ignore their own procedural rules by empowering committee chairpersons to refuse to hold hearings on bills indefinitely without any explanation required. Apparently this is done to avoid making any decision, extract personal vengeance, ram legislation through in the final days to avoid debate, avoid embarrassing their caucus, or to realize a quid pro quo usually in the capital budget or support for other legislation.

Joint Legislative Uniform Rule 24 (a): A committee acts on all bills referred to it and reports its actions and recommendations to the house as soon as practicable.

So three years on this important issue is practicable?

— Lynn Willis

Eagle River