Letter: List contrasts apples and oranges

A group paid for a half page, listing employees making more than the mayor, at election time. Hmmm! Do they think it’s wrong to make more money than the mayor? Their job skills, qualifications and responsibilities far outweigh the mayor’s. Also, those incomes were not earned in a 40-hour week, either. Many of these dedicated employees work the overtime because they have to and would love to change jobs with the mayor.

Spend your day in a nice, warm, dry, clean office environment. Co-workers in dresses, not Carhartts with hard hats, fireproof gear with SCBA, or guns and body armor. And while the mayor is at his bar or home in bed, the people on that list are restoring power, fighting fires, saving lives and doing their job of protecting everyone.

Layoffs and unfilled vacancies result in overtime, deferred maintenance and loss of qualified employees who are unable to adequately train their replacements.

— William Sosnowski