Letter: Parnell trusts big oil, not schools

Gov. Parnell’s oil tax bills (SB21/HB72) continue to receive hours of hearings in legislative committees. Meanwhile, legislation to invest in Alaska’s children through an increase in education funding (HB95) hasn’t been heard in even a first committee.

SB21 would give oil companies billions over the next five years with no guarantee of more drilling, more production or more jobs in Alaska.

HB 95 would provide modest inflationary increases to K-12 education in Alaska. This investment of $70 million would hire teachers, decrease class sizes and give our children their best shot at a world-class education.

Gov. Parnell is willing to give more money to oil companies with no accountability. Yet he argues that public schools need to show more accountability in order to get additional funding. 

Please contact Gov. Parnell and tell him this double standard is untenable. Let’s invest in public education and our students — Alaska’s most precious resource.

— Brittany Bauman