Letter: Writer’s points were skewed

In his response to my letter regarding the illegal Israeli settlements, Jim Lieb (Letters, April 4) brought up some interesting points. Unfortunately, his statements are nearly all factually incorrect and do not address any of the points I made.

It is also ironic that he would seek support for his position in United Nations resolutions. The same U.N. that unfairly divided Palestine, over the objections of every country in the region as well as the U.S. State Department, has said that the 750,000 Palestinians driven from their homes, as a result, have a right to return or be compensated. The U.N. has also resolved that the Israeli settlements are illegal, as is the annexation of East Jerusalem and the Golan.

Mr. Lieb’s grasp of history is best demonstrated by his claim that the Arabs invaded Israel in 1982. The massive Israeli invasion of Lebanon in that year, neither the first nor last such operation, brought terrible suffering to Israel’s northern neighbor.

History is important. Respect for basic human rights is more important.

— Kenneth Baitsholts