Letter: Wunnicke saw resources as trust

Esther Wunnicke’s passing is a significant loss to the state of Alaska. Those who were fortunate to work with or know Esther are truly blessed. She was a wonderful mentor, a supportive leader and loved Alaska.

 Alaska is extremely fortunate to have had Esther at the helm of DNR in managing and overseeing resource development during its major growth period, and her service in management and policy-making capacities in the state’s resource management following her tenure there.

She was continuously called upon by Alaska’s leadership to serve in various resource roles because of her leadership skills, knowledge of Alaska resources, and because she recognized Alaskans’ intimate relationship(s) with their natural resources.

She was small in size with a quiet boldness, a huge heart and great presence. Esther had a tremendous impact on Alaska’s people and their future. She is irreplaceable, and will be missed.

— Larry Holmes