Letter: When it comes to voting, all Alaska voices should be heard

Among the many distinctions that have made Alaska such an amazing and unique state is the fact that Alaska was one of the first places in the United States that allowed women to vote. The first Territorial Legislature recognized (unanimously) that every voice in Alaska needed to be heard, and that voting was not the province of the privileged few, but of everyone.

It is with that in mind that I urge the Municipality of Anchorage and those that count and certify votes to do all they can to make sure that every vote is counted — in the most recent municipal election, and in all elections. People who have bad handwriting, are poor spellers, or don’t follow directions well should all be heard, too.

Voting is our right. Making sure that every Alaskan’s voice is heard has been a part of our community fabric (and the law) since March 14, 1913. A write-in vote is a vote. Every one of them should be counted.

— Wigi Tozzi