Elusive rodent wrecks Soldotna SUV

Alaska's relatively small rodents can be just as industrious -- and destructive -- as those in less hostile climates, one Soldotna resident has learned. From The Redoubt Reporter:

Rodents ... are right up there with spiders and snakes in terms of the fear they can bring on in most people. It is a feeling Rhonda McCormick, of Soldotna, can relate to after she determined that an unknown vermin had taken up residence in her vehicle.

“Just knowing it was in the car with me, that I drove around with it for four days, it just grosses me out,” she said.

Traps set by McCormick and a body shop crew failed to capture the bandit, but the mechanics eventually discovered a relatively tidy domestic space within the SUV's interior and exterior walls.

“As we disassembled the inside, left-corner panel next to the spare tire, we found a nest. It had a lot of nesting material, and several pieces of food,” [repairman Zach Strahan] said.

The rodent was somewhat clean, though, as Strahan said there was not much feces among the other debris. Still, the repairs began adding up.

“It can get expensive fast, as they get inside and cause mechanical or electrical issues. Right now, we’re at about $500 to $600 in repairs, but we’re still finding stuff,” he said.

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