Letter: Time to abandon KABATA now

I have wanted a Kink Arm crossing ever since Anchorage Mayor Ken Hinchey first proposed the Kink Arm crossing in 1954 and became Mayor of Anchorage in 1955. However, KABATA has turned the crossing into a self-serving loser that will cost the state at least three times more, if not become a bottomless pit, than if the state of Alaska just constructed the bridge like any another road or bridge project.

Under KABATA’s plan one would have to be more 20 miles down the Knik Road before it made sense to take the KABATA bridge. That means almost everyone who lives north or east of Wasilla is not going to take the bridge.  KABATA’s bridge plan will not generate enough revenue to even pay for the operating costs let alone the capital and interest costs. 

KABATA’s cost plus bridge is a concept set up to fail while lining the pockets of foreign investors at Alaska’s expense. It is long past time to abandon KABATA cozening and seek some other alternative.

— Jerry McCutcheon