Lord of the Wings: Readers vote for favorite hot wings

Matt Sullivan
Marc Lester

Last week we unveiled the results of our Lord of the Wings tournament, a March Madness-inspired attempt to find the best hot wings in Anchorage. We applied the same approach in 2009 when we crowned Peanut Farm the King of Wings, and while the hometown favorite advanced to the finals in an effort to repeat, our judges gave the title to blue-chip newcomer Buffalo Wild Wings.

That stood in stark contrast with what readers had in mind. As we sampled the goods at eight different hot wings restaurants in Anchorage, we invited readers to vote in an online poll. Each round of voting remained open for a week, with the winner from each matchup advancing to the next week of voting. Readers voted the national chain out in the first round – worse yet, B-Dubs lost to a place that hasn’t even been open for three years. (Long story short, we included Big Al's Wings and Wings by mistake. The Play bracket included Palermos Pizza and Phillys instead.)

Other differences between the readers' bracket and our own: Hood Wings not only beat Wild Wings 'n Things in the first round (we had Wild Wings in the semifinals), but Hood Wings made it all the way to the championship game. Defending champs Peanut Farm went down in the second round, losing their title-game bid to Winky's Wings.

So in a championship pitting Hood Wings against Winky's Wings, Hood Wings took 41 percent of the votes while Winky's sneaked past them with 59 percent and claimed the readers' choice for Lord of the Wings.

Lord of the Wings readers' bracket
Matt Sullivan