Who's a Democrat? Assembly campaign sign vandalism roils Eagle River

There's no evidence it made any difference in the vote, but apparent vandalism to the campaign signs of an Eagle River candidate for the Anchorage Assembly briefly raised talk of political suicide on election day April 2. Somebody with truly sadistic tendencies screwed official-looking "Vote Democratic" banners onto candidate Pete Mulcahy's signs in the reliably conservative Anchorage suburb, reports the Alaska Star. Amy Demboski, the apparent winner of the Assembly seat, claims no knowledge of who committed the vandalism.

Two Anchorage radio stations became aware of the situation after a photo of one of the signs was emailed to Rick Rydell and Casey Reynolds. ... Demboski would neither confirm nor deny that she sent the photo. However, Mulcahy claims she told him otherwise.

“She told me she sent it to Rydell,” Mulcahy said.

Mulcahy assured his supporters he's no Democrat: “Even (Sen. Mark) Begich wouldn’t put ‘vote Democratic’ on his signs in Eagle River,” he said.

Demboski said she told Mulcahy to report the vandalism to police, which he did. "I hope they figure out who did it," she told the Star.

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