Letter: Legislators waste time with unconstitutional bills

Several Alaska legislators are trying to pass bills that they know, or should know, are unconstitutional. These bills violate the United States Constitution, the Alaska Constitution, or both. They potentially allow tax dollars for direct support of religious schools; they attempt to nullify federal laws concerning control of guns; they attempt to increase the difficulties of voting; and they attempt to restrict women’s access to abortion.

The state’s attorney has told them these laws are “largely unconstitutional.” They persist in wasting legislative time and public money with these immature, meaningless protests. Even a little knowledge of American history informs us that the “doctrine of nullification” is invalid. This was all  settled by the Civil War and the Supreme Court, in spite of what drivel they may read on the Internet.

These Republican legislators, Speaker Chenault, Rep. Keller, Sens. Coghill, Dunleavy, Giessel and others, persist in wasting public money on unconstitutional bills.

— Tom Nelson