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Letter: Lawmakers attacking schools

I find the legislative attacks on our public school system deplorable. Under the false banners of “failing schools” and “school choice,” these ALEC fueled legislators are attempting to throw out separation of church and state, use state funds for private and religious schools, and make it harder for teachers to get tenure.

In addition, they now want to force teachers out of their own health insurance pool and into the state plan, which will result in higher deductibles and co-pays and drastically reduced coverage. 

Our Southcentral schools are doing very well and already provide options for parents and students. Graduates go on to college and graduate school well equipped for the task. The key is quality teaching, but with the new “defined contribution” retirement, cuts in health insurance and harder-to-obtain tenure, why would anyone want to teach here?

 I encourage all Alaskans to stand up for our public schools and our quality teaching staff and say no to these attempts at vouchers, privatization and attacks on teachers.

— Dan Heynen