Letter: City workers earn their pay

I am from Anchorage, but go to school in Boston. This may be too soon for some people, but also not soon enough for others. Immediately following the horrific terrorist attacks, I watched city employees run directly into the smoke and fire, not knowing if the attacks had stopped or if another bomb would explode at any minute. 

People always wonder if modern day heroes exist. To me, those are my heroes. And they deserve to be paid.

It seems like an easy out when budget constraints become an issue. “Let’s restrict the pay and benefits of our city union employees.” But when it comes down to it, these are the people we rely on the most.

Compensate the people who make our city safe. Boston’s finest showed us just how truly important city employees are in a time of tragedy. Let’s not forget these types of people keep Anchorage safe, and deserve every dollar they earn and more.

— Jackson Spivey