Letter: Men and women at marathon risked themselves to give help

Certain individuals in the course of human events have fed on nothing more than chaos and fear. Drama unfolds as they seek to rip apart the fabric of freedom and peace that many of us continue to enjoy in this country and others like it. These people don’t want money; they don’t require power. They simply want to watch the world burn. 

Nonetheless, what I saw at the Boston Marathon bombing were men and women from every walk of life running into the chaos that unfolded. They cared not for their lives, but for their fellow citizen. Whatever help they could: blankets, shelter, food, water, first aid, comfort.

I sometimes question the motives and stance this country faces currently, a comedy of errors at best. Yet, today I am damn proud to be an American. Like Mr. Rogers said, “Look for the helpers.” It was easy on Monday. No matter the carnage that evil seeks to wreak, the good will always outnumber them and will always run into harm’s way. Thank you, very much.

— Sean Wiederholt