Letter: After terror attack, life should quickly return to normal

I completely agree with Thomas Friedman’s approach to our handling of terrorist attacks (Column, April 18). Clean up, repair and move on. Do not let the terrorists gloat over an excessive response. We should still grieve the dead and remember and heal the wounded, but most importantly we should carry on. 

I lived in London during WWII. The front windows of our house were blown out three times and the back windows twice. I never missed a day of school because of the bombing, the V1s or the V2s. The windows were repaired temporarily within hours and glass replaced in a few days. At least 20,000 died in London during WWII. I remember seeing walking wounded with blood- stained bandages on regular buses making their way to hospitals for further treatment. Returning as quickly as possible to a normal routine denies the terrorist the bulk of his satisfaction and demonstrates the resilience of the people he is trying to intimidate.

Boston again showed the abilities of the ordinary person to respond to any situation, however awful, with courage and skill.

— Peter Jenkins

Eagle River