Letter: Anchorage has changed, sadly

When I moved to Anchorage five years ago, I felt honored and supported as an educator. I wanted to be sure that Anchorage was the place for me and for my family, and feeling comfortable, bought a house here.

Now everything is different. My District 19 representative, Lindsey Holmes, changed parties four days before being seated, after I voted and campaigned for her. The mayor is busy union-busting, and cutting services like the library and bus lines to our most needy residents. The teacher bashing is shameful. The governor and the Legislature just gave away billions of our tax dollars to rich oil companies. My senators just voted against background checks for gun buyers, regardless of the 90 percent of Americans that support such action. 

People are saying that Anchorage may become a “ghost town” in 15 years. My, how things have changed.

— Denise Roselle