Letter: Shame on Begich, Murkowski

For shame, Mark Begich. You sold yourself and Americans out for contributions and votes. Don’t you ever, ever again express sympathy for a mass shooting because you’ll be lying through your teeth. If you’d genuinely felt Sandy Hook was wrong or a “tragedy,” you’d have supported the gun legislation that went down Wednesday. At the next shooting and the next one and the next one, I will feel free to say that you and members of Congress share the guilt until the day you vote to control this gun-crazed madness. And don’t ever again send me an email asking for contributions. Don’t send me emails at all, in fact.

Lisa Murkowski, this goes double for you. It’s particularly shameful and spineless of you to follow the lead of a Mitch McConnell who summarily dumped you in the last election. Where is your pride, your backbone? I have lived to regret that I voted for you instead of the valiant Democrat in that election.

— Nina Cornett

Cooper Landing