Letter: Watching UAA hockey program slide was a painful experience

Steve Cobb’s incompetence is finally getting public notice.  I am surprised  this issue has taken so long to get the attention of those who care about the hockey program at UAA. 

I had been a blue-line booster for many years and held four season tickets for more than 20 years, but dropped them about five years ago because it just wasn’t fun watching the program slide downhill. The original coach and developer of the program had done an admirable job, but subsequent coaches were less than what was needed.

We here in Alaska have always had difficulty recruiting quality coaches and players mostly due to a less than par effort by the university.  This lack of effort was exemplified when hockey was completely omitted from the new sports complex at UAA.  Now more than ever quality hockey players from the Anchorage area pursue their education elsewhere.

Unfortunately the program will continue to backslide until such time the school and the community begin to make the necessary changes and get back into the this sport here in Anchorage.   

— Ken Rocheleau