ECHL Trenton is toast

Doyle Woody,

The ECHL's Trenton Titans have ceased operations, the league announced today.

That trims the Eastern Conference to 13 teams; there are nine teams, including the Alaska Aces in the Western Conference.

But don't be surprised if the ECHL picks up another team or two prior to next season.

Yeah, the Blog hears things, so he'll take a wild, semi-educated guess -- is there such a thing? so puzzling -- and say the ECHL will next season consist of 24 teams. We're gonna take a stab and say the mix with either be 11 Western and 13 Eastern, or 10 Western and 14 Eastern.

A reminder: This guess is not for betting purposes. 'Course, not sure there's an actual Vegas line on this sorta thing.

Doyle Woody,