Market Fresh: An Alaska seafood subscription service

Steve Edwards

Halibut. Black cod. Rockfish. King and coho salmon.

It sounds like the perfect Alaska seafood buffet. And it has been prepared for Southcentral seafood lovers.

Alaskans Own Community Supported Fishery, or CSF, is offering a seafood subscription service to Anchorage-area residents this summer. Alaskans Own is based on popular Community Supported Agriculture programs that deliver fresh produce, only this one delivers fresh seafood.

Alaskans Own is the state's only multi-species CSF. It connects consumers with community-based fishermen and provides the opportunity to get a supply of Gulf of Alaska seafood throughout the summer.

"It's fantastic to see new opportunities budding that make it easier to support local fishermen," said Kelly Harrell, executive director of Alaska Marine Conservation Council, in a press release. "While our organization has run a CSF with Kodiak crab for several years in Anchorage, the need and demand for a more diverse CSF that can provide an array of seafood products has become clear."

Alaskans Own focuses not only on the seafood, but on the providers. The men and women who catch Alaskans Own seafood are committed to sustainable fishing to ensure future generations have access to abundant fish. Profits from the CSF are returned to fishing communities through Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust programs.

Alaskans Own CSF program provides subscribers a variety of options -- either six-month of four-month subscriptions, and either full or half shares.

A six-month full share is $775 and includes 3 pounds of black cod, 6 pounds of halibut, 12 pounds of ling cod, 15 pounds of rockfish, 15 pounds of coho salmon and 9 pounds of king salmon. It's a total of 60 pounds. A half share is $405 and 30 pounds.

Four-month subscriptions are $530 and $280 and either 40 or 20 pounds. The fish is frozen, packaged in individual portions and vacuum-packed.

Anchorage residents must sign up by May 1, and the first delivery is scheduled for May 29. For more information, visit Subscriptions are also offered in Juneau and Sitka.



John Jackson of New Sagaya Markets tends to agree with most Alaskans: "Even though it is trying to be spring, it really is still winter. We are seeing more movement of fish coming in then from just a few weeks ago, signs that some of the fisheries are starting to react to the weather changes."

The troll king salmon fishery closes Tuesday, so Jackson predicts that "we should see more effort by the fishermen to catch as many as they can before it is over with. So look for a good amount of kings in the retail cases this week."

In addition to those kings, Jackson says there are plenty of Alaska seafood options. Prince William Sound side stripe shrimp, along with black cod and rockfish should all be available this week.

Alaska golden king crab clusters will be featured for $16.95 per pound, while fresh whole halibut are $10.49 per pound. New Sagaya should also have a nice supply of fresh marlin from Hawaii.

"We are waiting for the Copper River season to kick off in the next few weeks and then we will be off to the summer season," Jackson says. "Don't let this snow get you down. Spring is here -- the fish don't know it quite yet!"

Another seafood option is Johnson's Seafood, which sets up in various locations around Southcentral. Wednesday they will be at four corners in Wasilla, while they will be at various locations in Anchorage from Thursday to Saturday.

They have two sizes of Kodiak scallops, cold smoked king salmon and three sizes of Gulf shrimp.



It's difficult to picture huge heads of cabbage and fragrant basil right now, but those produce items will arrive from Valley farms soon enough.

And now is the time to sign up for the Arctic Organics Community Supported Agriculture program. This is the 25th year that River and Sarah Bean at Arctic Organics have made weekly deliveries of vegetables and other items from the Valley.

A subscription ($600) should provide enough produce for a two-to-four-person household through the growing season from June to late September. The produce deliveries vary weekly based on what is ready for harvest at the farm. Early in the season expect spinach, radishes and other short-season crops. Later in the year, cabbage, carrots and heavier items fill the produce bins.

For more information, visit



The market continues to bring a variety of items to Anchorage shoppers.

This week, A.D. Farm will have fresh chicken and duck eggs; carrots; parsnips; a wide variety of potatoes from fellow grower Mark Rempel; barley flour and cereal; and a large selection of pork products, including chops, loin roast, steak, breakfast sausage patties, ground pork and side slice and slab.

"I got Alaska Flour Company to sell me some 2-pound packages of whole barley; so if you are looking to make some barley soup you can now get your barley from an instate producer," says Alex Davis.

Country Health Foods will have grass-fed beef, Alaska seafood, free-range duck, Alaska honey and goat cheese. Also scheduled to be at the market are Northern Lights Mushrooms and products from Alaska Sprouts, including sprouts, shoots and lettuce.

The Center Market is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday inside the Mall at Sears.





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