Letter: Cobb fails to help UAA hockey

UAA hockey cannot get fixed until Steve Cobb is fired. I was there at the beginning when they started playing in their own arena. Back then, they even sold standing season tickets. I bought three. I remember their original announcer, Ken Krasselt. I remember the time (I think 1984) when they had their first big-time tournament and the Fighting Sioux came to town. UAA played them at the Sully, and you could not have gotten another person into the place. What a game.

We had season tickets for awhile then moved for a couple of years. When we came back and we wanted season tickets, we had to settle for tickets in the second tier. That was in the early ’90s. Now look at it. Empty. When you don’t put out a good product, you don’t get support. But what Cobb has intentionally done to completely alienate 90 percent of the hockey community cannot be forgiven. He has to go.

— Al Finney