Friday training talk: Anything new to report?

Use this space to discuss training issues -- brag about successes, lament setbacks, or bounce a question off the group.

I'll go first:

Jillie's cramming for her first nosework trial. The official National Association of Canine Scent Work trial is set for May 3-5. Originally, Eddie -- who has been doing nosework for more than three years and is quite adept at it -- was my entry. But his leg surgery required me to pull him out of competition and enter Jillie, who has been doing it for less than a year.

The problem with Jillie is I trained her myself. My odd work schedule didn't allow me to attend classes, so I did the best I could. It's obvious that my best wasn't quite good enough. While she passed her Odor Recognition Test a few months ago with flying colors, she struggles with more difficult hides. She doesn't have the singleminded focus that Eddie has, and needs to be encouraged to keep searching.

But, hey, as with all dogs, she has the tools -- a phenomenal nose. She's found odors hidden on cars, she's found them hidden in open areas outside, and she's especially good indoors. The question remains whether she can have the same success under the time constraints of competition and more difficult hides.

What's up with your pack?